Dr Arif hussain has changed my life. I always been so conscious about my chest fat that i never wore fitting shirts or felt comfortable taking it off. I always felt depressed about myself. I experienced this problem when i was in my teenage but couldn't do anything about it and stayed with me for a long time. I wanted to go for a surgery but was sacred so i delayed the time. Recently i made up my mind to go for a surgery so i did a lot of research on the doctors for the procedure i was highly interested in and found out from my acquaintances that Dr Arif Hussain is the best doctor for this kind of surgery.


He has many years of experience and had all the credentials i was looking for. When i visited Dr Arif Hussain for consultation i felt confident and all the nervousness faded away. He understood what i wanted and felt satisfied. His staff were very cooperative and supportive in every step of my procedure and during the surgery. After i got done with my surgery i took off my garment and saw my chest were flattened from the front and side and giving me the best results. Literally i had a brand new body.


I never felt so amazing before and feeling is indescribable. I would like to show my gratitude to Mr Dr Arif Hussain for doing a great job and taking well care of me through every step of my surgery. He is very friendly doesn't make you feel like a patient and the experience was wonderful with him i highly recommend all those who wants the best results. Dr Arif Hussain is the best choice.

Best Regards,
Zain Shaikh

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Gynaecomatia was a night mare for me I have tried every things the pills cardio exercises but nothing works so I decided to go for surgery and then I search for surgeon to get rid of this problem and came across Dr Arif Hussain and I went to him get check up dicuss this and after two hour.surgery I foud that I have no longer this problem and now I can wear fitting cloth west with out any hesitation


I never liked friends touching my chest and saying ah it feels so booby lolzzz. Dudes do comment and we take it lightly, yet i thought a way out every time i faced the mirror. Another worry was choosing a surgeon who could cut and shape my body to perfection. I was confused about it until i made contact with Dr. Syed Arif Hussain, a session with him on skype erased all fears and doubts and i was all set for the procedure. I am so much happy after the surgery, now i take off my shirt and my friends see a scar free and boob free chest with surprise. I thank Dr. Syed Arif Hussain who took me through such a no pain surgical experience and returned my confidence.

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